Compeninst is a multi-skilled and multinlingual comorian startup.

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About Compeninst

Compeninst “www.compeninst.com”, is a multi-skilled and multilingual Comorian startup. An English acronym of “Companies, Enterprises and Institutions”, compeninst focus in the creation of products and services for companies, businesses and institutions for their customers, users and individuals in general.

Compeninst is made up of various subsidiaries including its information and communication outlets .it includes consultation through different types of communication, industrial printing and photocopying, the production of school and professional uniforms, and online information, communication and advertising. Beside its clothing brands such as Compeninst, DIGIPROD and VECOLART, it also has subsidiaries based on the implementation of Information and Communication technologies, in the distribution of telecommunications products, as well as in training, publishing and events.

Compeninst consists of a capital of 1,000,000 KMF (one million Comorian francs), i.e. 2032, 68 euros (two thousand thirty-two comgule sixty-eight euros) . Register of Trade and Credit Furniture of comoros under the number : 6915-B-15

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our Products

DIGIPROD is our first product. It is both , a multilingual web portal and an Internet media, which offers digital products and services that are in four categories. They are designed specifically for companies, businesses and institutions.

Coprint is a brand of Compeninst company specializing in the industrial production of photocopies and prints.

Compeninst Consulting is the subsidiary of Compeninst, which specializes in consulting on the implementation and supply of classical, digital, technological and visual communications to companies, and public and private institutions.

Compeninst E-MAGAZINE is the subsidiary of Compeninst, which specializes in the publication and online distribution of electronic magazines. They have several editorial lines and are involved in various fields such as tourism, economy and finance, technology, entrepreneurship, agriculture... Etc.


The DIGIPROD PACK encompasses three services including the Online Yearbook, the Database and the Search Engine.

It allows viewers to easily and quickly display relevant information about any company or institution which is in DIGIPROD

The Database lists by field of activity and alphabetical order all companies or institutions listed in DIGIPROD

The Search Engine is located under the DIGIPROD menu bar. By searching by full name, acronym or letter, any registered company, or institution, the visitor can quickly and easily finds it.

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It is a service that allows any company or institution to broadcast information that daily visitors of DIGIPROD will be able to see and read it.

The broadcast in DIGIPROD is in three languages : French, English and Arabic.

If a company or institution want to broadcast its information in two or three languages, the translation into the other two languages is done by itself .The price of the second or third language or both will therefore be 50% of the original rate.

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The DIGIPROD Yearbook is in DIGIPROD Pack, two of the four products and services of DIGIPROD Comoros ( www.digiprod.km ) web portal published in French, English and Arabic.

These two innovative products, which are offered together to companies, companies and institutions, are the first in paper and the second in digital.

The DIGIPROD Yearbook, "YEARLY OF THE COMPANIES, ENTREPRISES, INSTITUTIONS, CITIES AND VILLAGES AND THE COMORES UNION" offers a clear and rich presentation allowing future visitors and investors from this paradise country to get to know him better. It also classifies, while facilitating those who consult it by easily finding by field of activity, the companies, companies, institutions, towns and villages and individuals of this country, which will be registered in the first edition to be

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Compeninst Uniforms, Compeninst's subsidiary for the manufacture of school and professional clothing.

Compeninst Uniforms is the subsidiary of Compeninst, which specializes in the creation of school, university and professional clothing.

Compeninst uniforms will consist of clothing manufacturing  and will be  launched  in 2021 in Moroni (Union of Comoros). It aims is  to provide uniforms to private and public schools in the country by following their graphic charter and  international standards.


Coprint is the subsidiary of Compeninst, which specializes in low-cost printing and photocopying.

Coprint is the  subsidiary of Compeninst, which specializes in printing and photocopying at a  very low prices.

With the main aim of promoting printing and photocopying in their various forms, its public cible are students, individuals and companies and institutions, of all categories.


Compeninst Consulting is the subsidiary specializing in consultations for the conception of various communication supports

Compeninst Consulting is the subsidiary of the company Compeninst specializing in consultations for the implementation of communication and the supply of various types of communication   supports to companies, public and private institutions.


Compeninst SPACE, a collection of distribution brands from Compeninst

Compeninst SPACE is the subsidiary as well as the official outlet of Compeninst. This set of distribution signs of this company will consist of several outlets prepared to be set up in different countries, regions and cities. Through these, the main company will distribute and present the products of these other subsidiaries including those of Compeninst Consulting, Coprint, Compeninst Uniforms, DIGIPROD, Compeninst E-MAGAZINES, Compeninst Technologies and Compeninst Telecom...



Pioneering employees of Compeninst

Fouad Mohamed

Créateur, Fondateur et Président Directeur Général de la société Compeninst. Créateur, Chef de Projet, Web Manager et Web Designer de tous ses produits et services.Responsable Stratégie, Marketing, Choix des Technologies et du Numérique

Nadjim Youssouf

Web developpeur



Companies, Institutions,
is a multi-skilled, multilingual Comorian startup in front of “ ecole univers”

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in front of “ ecole univers”


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